Posted by: judithkunst | December 18, 2010

Snow Boulders

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas, and a white New Year, probably a white Valentine’s Day, a white St. Patrick’s Day, and dare we say it – a white Easter.  Team Kunst is adjusting to snow, and lots of it.  Something called the “lake effect” dumps snow on us from above, from the side, and we’re starting to think it might just be coming up from the ground. Here the boys are a) preparing a snowman or b) getting ready for winter basketball or c) manning the gun deck of a pirate ship.  Too close to call.

Posted by: coachkunst | September 7, 2010

Labor Day in St. Joseph, MI

So after my first full weekend duty of the year – not bad all in all: an open gym, student center for the Notre Dame game, theater trip to Michigan City (saw “The American” – pretty slow), and a library duty where I was able to grade – the family packed up for our one vacation day of the four and headed north to St. Joseph, MI.  Great beach town on Lake Michigan: fun shops to stroll through, some nice little eateries, and a fun waterfront area.  I suspect we’ll be back.

Posted by: coachkunst | August 28, 2010

Aidan’s First Football Game

This afternoon was the first game for The LaPorte Slicers #3 Junior Mitey Mites team.  For ease of reference, this will hereby be referred to as the Slicers, or just Aidan’s football team.  The end result was not what we had hoped – a 36-7 loss – but Aidan played every down and continues to learn and grow as a player.  Just a few pics as Dad was called into chain crew duty.  Aidan plays center (that’s him snapping the ball) and defensive line.

Posted by: coachkunst | August 28, 2010

The Boys at Play

Sorry for not updating the blog more regularly, but school has begun for me and Judith, and is about to begin for the boys.  We have a small patch of sloped land between our home and the building next to us with a great view of the lake.  The boys enjoy playing outside – so here are a few pics:

Posted by: coachkunst | August 2, 2010

Aidan’s First Football Practice

Aidan has joined the LaPorte Slicers Pop Warner football program and had his first practice tonight with the 7/8 year-old team.  A balmy night here in Indiana, the rest of the family had a picnic while Aidan was working pretty hard.  Aidan worked hard and did well in all the drills, as those who know him would expect.

Posted by: coachkunst | July 28, 2010

Day 2 w/ the Grandparents – Chicago

So I haven’t been to Chicago since we’ve moved so close, but now boys have, hitting Millennium Park today on the Grandma and Grandpa Whirlwind Tour.  Saw a concert rehearsal, took in the aquarium, and finished the day at the Cracker Barrel on the way home.

Posted by: coachkunst | July 26, 2010

Back and Forth Across State Lines with Grandma and Grandpa

While Judith attends a writer’s retreat near Princeton, Grandma and Grandpa have come to help take care of the boys so that I don’t have to take a week off when I’ve only been on the job for a week.  Today’s adventure was blueberry picking near the Indiana-Michigan border, a jaunt across state lines to New Buffalo for some shopping and McDonald’s, and then back into Indiana and across to South Bend to the zoo.  And I sat in a basement office …

Posted by: judithkunst | July 22, 2010

A peek inside Chez Kunst

We arrived at La Lumiere School three weeks ago, and feel very blessed to have been assigned a pleasant, spacious, newly restored apartment for our home. You can see how we’ve set it up in the photos below. One of the best things about it is its proximity to the small lake in the middle of campus: Aidan and Jesse skip down to play in the little brook that feeds into it almost every day. At night we hear the quiet murmuring of geese and frogs, and every day I see brightly colored birds among the trees that I’m eager to learn the names of.  There’s a sliding glass door in the kitchen that opens onto a patio, and Eli loves to crawl back and forth between his inside and outside worlds. This means we are also opening our home to a number of creepy-crawlies and buzzy-flyies! Maybe winter won’t be such a bad thing…

Posted by: coachkunst | July 10, 2010

First Visit to Notre Dame

Within a few days of arriving, we took our first trip to the Notre Dame campus.  We checked out the visitor center and bookstore, and the older boys each got a gift – t-shirt for Aidan, duck in a Notre Dame shirt for Jesse.  We strolled through the campus a bit, wanting to visit the basilica.  Though we were able to step into the entry, mass was in progress, so a full tour will be for another day.

Posted by: coachkunst | July 10, 2010

Road Trip to Indiana

So we’re here, but the journey was a lot of fun.  After our week in Williamsburg, we began the westward trek with a stop for an overnight outside of Pittsburgh, then a trip to Canton for a few hours at the Football Hall of Fame, and then on to our new home.  The boys are great travelers!

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